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Kit: Canopy 3-light system SLACK LINE

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Canopy B-THREE 3-light with invisible height adjustment The canopy B-THREE is... more

Canopy B-THREE 3-light with invisible height adjustment

The canopy B-THREE is a part of the modular system of the SLACK LINE family of OLIGO. This series is characterized by:


The SLACK LINE system includes five different canopies. Due to the unique loop system, the suspended light modules can be individually arranged and adjusted at any time. Transform your linear luminaire into a group of single pendants or play with new color combinations.

Invisible height adjustment:
All light modules can be continuously adjusted between 70cm and 2m extension length via a cable rewind hidden in the canopy. This makes the pendant luminaires suitable for rooms with ceiling heights of up to 3.30m.

Intuitive lighting control:
Each light module has integrated, intuitive control functions. Depending on the model and design, gesture control, touch dimmers or dimming buttons are used.

Casambi module:
All light modules have a Casambi control unit whose radio technology is based on the Bluetooth 4.0 LE standard. Operation via Casambi works in parallel with the integrated control technology such as gesture control. In addition to the app, programmable wall switches are also available.

Adjustable light color:
For each light module, the light color can be continuously adjusted between 2200K and 5000K. It is controlled by the built-in Casambi module.

Color rendering >90:
State-of-the-art LEDs are used in all light modules, which have a color rendering index of Ra >90. This makes colors in the light of the luminaire appear particularly natural.


The SLACK-LINE lighting system includes two round and three linear canopies. The canopies are designed in such a way that there are no limits to the luminaire variations. Depending on the luminaire configuration, a transverse or longitudinal position of the wire suspension is required. For example, for the BREAK-IT, the cables must be in a longitudinal position, whereas for the KENDO, they must be in a transverse position. For other modules, such as NOVA, the orientation can be freely determined. The position of the rope suspension can be rotated up to 90° in the canopy without tools. The mechanism is located behind the covers at the rope outlets. All luminaires can be continuously adjusted between 70 cm and 2 m extension length by means of a cable reel hidden in the canopy. Thus, the luminaires are suitable for rooms with ceiling heights up to 3.3 m.


Material: metal 

The canopy offered here requires for a complete luminaire still the separate order of 3 lamp heads from the SLACK-LINE system! The canopy is complete and consists of the body with end faces in white matt and the selected covers in white, chrome or brushed aluminum.

Order numbers of the manufacturer Oligo:

63-507-31-21 Baldachin B-THREE, body with front sides in white matt
62-507-30-21 Cover for carcass in white matt
62-507-30-12 Cover for carcase in brushed aluminum
62-507-30-05 Cover for carcass in chrome

Technical data canopy:

Primary: 110-240V, 50-60Hz
Secondary: 24V DC
Maximum output power: 96W
Dimensions: l x h x d  = 1350 x 54 x 98mm 
Distance luminaire to luminaire: 570mm

The invisible height adjustment

By simply moving the lamp head or the cable, the suspension height of the lamp can be infinitely adjusted. The mechanism of the height adjustment was integrated into the canopy and is not visible from the outside. Whether historic half-timbered house or sophisticated loft, the lamp easily adapts to all living environments and is thus a faithful companion in any room.

Structure and mode of operation


To meet any living situation, a flexible adjustment of the rope length is possible at any time. If you spontaneously need more space above the tabletop, for example for a vase of flowers, fancy table decorations or to wrap a large-volume gift, the light pendulum is simply pushed up and adjusted back to the desired height after the work is done. Ergonomically height-adjustable tables are also well equipped with the lighting concept, because the light can be adjusted to the table height at any time.


The 2- and 3-flame canopies are modular. The colors of a luminaire series can be combined as desired and matched to the individual living concept. Thus, each luminaire becomes a personal favorite.


Typically, a table has a height of 70-80 cm. Pendant luminaires should be positioned at a distance of about 60 cm from the table surface. The suspension height of the lamp heads can be adjusted to a length of 1.6 m. The minimum length is 70 cm, the maximum is 2 m. Based on these dimensions, the luminaires can be used without any problems in rooms with a ceiling height of about 2 m up to an airy 3.3 m.



Switching on and off is done by a short touch, stepless dimming by a longer touch. The slightest potential differences between the luminaire and the person touching it cause a switching operation at the built-in electronics. The duration of the touch is evaluated by a microprocessor with special software and the brightness is readjusted. In the case of pendant luminaires, for example, this not only saves the additional dimmer on the wall. The person also no longer needs to get up from the table to change the brightness.

Technical features: Adjustable height, Controllable via Casambi, Dimmable via touch dimmer
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