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Rotary Dimmer VD220 0-200W Bluetooth Casambi

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  • SW10673
Rotary Dimmer VD220 with Buetooth / Casambi The VD220WCM is a universal rotary dimmer with... more

Rotary Dimmer VD220 with Buetooth / Casambi

The VD220WCM is a universal rotary dimmer with Casambi Bluetooth function that can dim all kinds of loads from 0 to 200 VA. The VD220WCM is the ideal combination of pressure / rotational dimming and control via smartphone / tablet. Due to the Casambi Bluetooth capability many settings on the dimmer can be carried out conveniently from the app. The VD220WCM has an additional button input, which allows the selection of scenes or comfortable control of tunable white lighting solutions. The VD220WCM has a strong 2 kV overvoltage protection. The dimmer comes with two different frame designs, but it works with any one commercial framework program of other manufacturers.

How it works: When pressing the wheel: on / off; turn = dim

This dimmer is suitable for:
> 230V LED
> 230V halogen
> Light bulbs
> dimmable LED driver
> electronic transformers

Technical specifications:
Wattage: 0 - 200W
Input voltage: 220 - 240V
Neutral wire needed: Yes
Staircase function: Yes
Settings: Minimum, maximum dimming level and more with the Casambi app
Protection mechanisms: overtemperature
Frame Compatibility: GIRA, Eljo, Merten, Jung, Bush Hunter; Shaft adapter 4mm -> 6mm included
2 frames included in delivery with the white shades RAL9010 (pure white) and RAL9003 (signal white)
Dimensions: d = 52mm, h = 22mm

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Useful information

Discover the freedom of wireless lighting control

The Casambi system is based on the standard Bluetooth protocol, which is integrated in most of today's smartphones and tablets. With free app support for Android and Apple's iOS, you can easily and intuitively control your lighting and dimming functions for all light sources, downlights and LED strips, as well as sockets, garage doors and much more. Of course, you can also use the system with a classic button, Casambi buttons or remote controls.

It is important for us to be able to deliver a system that meets high volume, redundancy, security, and scalability requirements. With Casambi you get a professional, simple and intelligent lighting control. Group your light sources through the app and dimming or controlling them at the same time. With MESH technology, you only need to be in range of one unit to control all other units. The communication takes place automatically between the units in range. Security is paramount: you can easily protect your network with a password or leave it open. The internal communication between the dimmers is perfectly protected by asymmetric keys and an encrypted schedule.
You can set different scenarios per room. For example, if you want to turn off all light sources, or just want to darken a certain selection of your light sources in a room. Everything is possible via the dimmer and the app.