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Touch Dimmer Transformer 60VA, type 2

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  • SW10511
Touch dimmer transformer 2 - TouchTronic (registered trademark Ingo Maurer) Electronic... more

Touch dimmer transformer 2

- TouchTronic (registered trademark Ingo Maurer)

Electronic transformer with touch dimmer function, also called touch former. Functioning like model tf60ll.
As a sensor surface, the metal luminaire housing, the 12V lead to the bulb or a piece of wire can be used.

Short touch means:
- On off. When switching on, the brightness selected before the last switch-off is set (memory function). The last set brightness value remains stored even after a power failure or switching off the mains voltage.

Longer touching means:
- Up and down rules of brightness.

Also very suitable as a spare part for example:
- Ingo Maurer lights such as the floor lamp Ilios, the table lamps Broken Heard, One from the Heard, Fukushu, etc.
- Arteverre floor lamp
- Oligo floor lamps, such as Aluette, KK-DU, Charles u.v.m.

Can also be mounted on any other fixture that has a 12V halogen bulb.

The touch dimmer comes with mounted, 230V connection cable. For the 12V side there are a few luster terminals on the PCB, where the 12V supply line is connected to the luminaire.

Please note: Electrical work on 230V should only be carried out by a trained electrician.

- Connection primary side: 230V / 50Hz
- Secondary side connection: 11.5V
- Maximum power: 60W
- Minimum load to be connected: 35W
- Not suitable for operation with LEDs!
- Stepless brightness control
- Softstart
- Color: Black
- Dimensions housing: (l x w x h) 144 x 45 x 34mm

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