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(12) Ceiling redirection

(12) Ceiling redirection

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  • SW10276.2
Ceiling redirection For diverting a cable system, which is mounted on the ceiling.... more

Ceiling redirection

For diverting a cable system, which is mounted on the ceiling.

- Consisting of two pulleys insulated, a cable tensioner, a ceiling spacer, dowels and screws as well as insulating material for mounting on conductive surfaces.
- Adjustable for angles from 0 to 180 °
- For tensioning cables with 4 and 6mm2
- For 12V cable systems
- Optionally with ceiling spacers in lengths of 100 or 150mm
- Material: Brass with galvanically finished surface in chrome or matt chrome



1. Fix the ceiling flange (1) and ceiling spacer (2) to the ceiling with the enclosed screws and dowels.
2. Fit the cable tensioner (3) to the flange (1) with the side set screws.
3. Thread the nylon rope (4) through the hole in the ceiling spacer and fasten it to the outer deflection roller (5).
4. Join the outer (5) and inner pulley (6) with nylon rope and thread the tension cables through the rollers.
5. Tension the cable system evenly.


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