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Color filter for PUK lights With the optional color filters from Top Light you conjure up... more

Color filter for PUK lights

With the optional color filters from Top Light you conjure up more color in your life. A total of five different variants are available for you to choose from in this area. Individual configurations, according to your own ideas for a modern lighting concept, can be created with the filters and are just waiting to create a pleasant, adjusted mood in your premises.
The modern color filters are available in the colors red, yellow, green, magenta and blue. Each color represents a different mood and provides more comfort with the adapted light. Not only can the filters be individually connected to the luminaires, but also a combination with lenses or glasses is of course possible. Thanks to the individual configuration and the use of modern technology, you illuminate your rooms in a stylish and appealing way.

For our customers, we offer a test package, with which you can test the lighting effect in your own rooms.

A PUK lamp head consists of a modular system which is constructed as follows:

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