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Twilight switch with external sensor

Twilight switch

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  • SW11104
Twilight switch 230V Twilight switch for subsequent installation in outdoor lights and... more

Twilight switch 230V

Twilight switch for subsequent installation in outdoor lights and junction boxes (Fig. 1). A light sensor detects the ambient brightness. If this falls below the set light value, the twilight switch automatically switches the light on and off again when the ambient brightness exceeds this threshold again.

The mains voltage must be switched off before installing the product. By installing the twilight switch in a luminaire, it must be ensured that the degree of protection and protection class of the luminaire is not changed. In order to avoid the influence of natural light, the light sensor should be mounted below the lamp socket if possible (Fig. 2). NOTE: The cable of the light sensor must not be extended.
Drill a Ø 12 mm hole in the housing (Fig. 3). Fasten the light sensor as shown (Fig. 4). Mount the power section in the luminaire housing as far as possible from the lamp. To do this, use the mounting tabs or the enclosed adhesive pad (Fig. 5). Connect the connection lines of the twilight switch according to the connection diagram (Fig. 6). Protection against accidental contact must be ensured after installation.

Commissioning and adjustment:
Switch on the mains voltage. The desired light value can now be set using the potentiometer. The red LED serves as a setting aid (Fig. 7). When the desired switch-on time (e.g. twilight) has been reached, use the potentiometer
Turn slowly in the direction of the "moon symbol" until the red LED lights up. Now the set light value corresponds to the actual ambient brightness and the twilight switch is adjusted.

Practical tips:
Occurring ON / OFF flashing of the lighting: Depending on the design and material of the luminaire as well as the installation on a light-colored wall, there may be an influence of the own light. In this case, replace the clear cover cap with the included contra-angle handpiece (Fig. 8). Align the contra-angle so that sufficient daylight falls on the opening.

Indoor installation:
Installed in a flush-mounted box with a matching blind cover from the respective switch range, in which a suitable opening for the sensor is borrowed, enables the brightness-dependent switching of e.g. emergency lights, orientation lights, decorative lights and much more ... Example:

Technical specifications:
Connection voltage: 230V
Switching voltage: 230V
Adjustable light values: 5 - 300 lux
Switch-on / switch-off delay: 60s
Protection class:
- Power section: IP20
- Sensor cover: IP44
Protection class: 2
Switching capacity:
- Incandescent lamps: max.1000W
- Fluorescent lamps: max.500W
- Energy saving lamp with electronic ballast (ESL): max.26W
- Length of sensor lead: 25cm
- Housing dimensions: l x w x h (without fastening straps) 50 x 25 x 24mm

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