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2-head pendant luminaire RIO with invisible height adjustment

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  • SW11226
2-head pendant luminaire RIO with invisible height adjustment The RIO luminaire series is a... more

2-head pendant luminaire RIO with invisible height adjustment

The RIO luminaire series is a minimalist LED pendant luminaire with a perfectly finished surface. A slender cone made of solid aluminum forms the luminaire body. Seven of the nine colors are equipped with a special soft touch surface. The matt shimmering finish is applied to the luminaire body using a special process. Depending on the incidence of light, the surface shimmers in smooth shades.

Luminaire head surfaces: Matt black, Matt white, Satin copper, Brazilian brown, Espresso, Pearl silver, Atlantic blue, Patagonia spring, Red velvet

Material: metal, glass
Pendulum length can be shortened: no
Special length: suspension available on request up to 5m

Technical Data Luminaire head:
Bulb: 1x LED
Bulb included: yes
Power of the LED: 11.2W
Luminous flux: 1350lm
Light color: 2700K (warm white)
Color rendering index CRI:> 90
Dimmable: yes - via build in Casambi-Module (2x)

Order numbers of the manufacturer Oligo:

63-506-21-21 Ceiling canopy 2-flame version, Matt white finish
63-506-21-23 Ceiling canopy 2-flame version, Matt black finish

62-506-10-05 Canopy 2-head cover, Chrome finish
62-506-10-12 Canopy 2-head cover, Brushed aluminum finish
62-506-10-21 Canopy 2-head cover, Matt white finish
62-506-10-23 Canopy 2-head cover, Matt black finish

42-861-50-06 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Pearl silver
42-861-50-15 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Satin copper
42-861-50-38 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Atlantic blue
42-861-50-36 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Patagonia spring
42-861-50-25 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Red velvet
42-861-50-41 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Brazilian brown
42-861-50-48 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Espresso
42-861-50-21 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head matt white
42-861-50-23 LED pendulum module RIO, lamp head Matt black

The luminaire is composed of a modular box system consisting of:

1. Body with transformers:
- Surface White matt
- Surface Black matt

2. Cover canopy (the narrow faces are always white matt):
- Surface Chrome
- Surface Brushed aluminum
- Surface White matt
- Surface Black matt

3. Lamp heads:
- Finishes Matt White, Matt Black, Satin Copper, Brazilian Brown, Espresso, Patagonia Spring, Atlantic Blue, Red Velvet, Perl Silver


The invisible height adjustment

By simply moving the lamp head or the rope, the suspension height of the lamp can be infinitely adjusted. The mechanism of the height adjustment was integrated into the canopy and is not visible from the outside. Whether historic half-timbered house or sophisticated loft, the light adapts easily to all living environments and is thus a faithful companion in every room.

Structure and operation


In order to meet every living situation, flexible adjustment of the rope length is possible at any time. If you spontaneously need more space above the tabletop, for example for a flower vase, fancy table decorations or to pack a large-volume gift, the light pendulum is simply pushed upwards and adjusted to the desired height after work is done. Ergonomically height-adjustable tables are also optimally equipped with the lighting concept, as the light can be adjusted to the table height at any time.


The 2- and 3-flame canopies are modular. The colors of a luminaire series can be combined as desired and adapted to the individual living concept. This makes every lamp your personal favorite.


Usually, a table has a height of 70 to 80 cm. Pendant luminaires should be positioned at a distance of approx. 60 cm from the table surface. The suspension height of the lamp heads can be adjusted to a length of 1.6 m. The minimum length is 70 cm, the maximum 2.3 m. Based on these dimensions, the luminaires can be easily used in rooms with a ceiling height of around 2 m up to an airy 3.6 m.


For a surcharge, the lights are also available in a lengthened or shortened version. The rope extension is available up to a maximum distance of 5 m, for example to use the lights above a dining table in an open gallery. The shortened suspension is recommended if the space below the luminaire is to be used flexibly - e.g. at a party. The luminaire pendulum can be inserted into the canopy up to a rope length of 5 cm. The adjustment range is always 1.6 m regardless of the length.



For a surcharge, the lights are also available in a lengthened or shortened version.

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Technical features: Adjustable height, Dimmable by phase cut dimmer, Light color 2700K, Special length possible up to 5m
Color of the pendant light: Atlantic blue, Black, Brazilian brown, Espresso, Patagonia spring, Pearl silver, Red velvet, Satin copper, White
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Useful information

A few information about the technical data

- What is luminous flux?
The luminous flux Φ - measured in lumens (lm) - is the light output of a light source. It describes the power emitted by the light source in all directions in the visible range. To get a rough idea of ​​what this value means, here are a few comparisons:

Candle: 12lm
230V halogen bulb with base GU10, 50W: 345lm
230V halogen bulb with base G9, 60W: 740lm
12V halogen bulb with socket GX5.3 (GU5.3), 35W: 450lm
12V halogen bulb with socket GX5.3 (GU5.3), 50W: 720lm
12V halogen bulb with base G4, 20W: 257lm
12V halogen bulb with base GY6.35, 50W: 840lm
230V halogen rod with base R7s, 100W: 1200lm

- What does color temperature mean?
Roughly speaking, the color temperature indicates how warm or cold especially white light is. The oneness is Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light gets. The light of a commercial light bulb here would correspond to about 2700K, a candle has about 1500K. The higher the Kelvin value becomes, the colder the blue becomes the light. Daylight is compared with about 7000K. A rough classification of the light color is:

- 2,700 to 3,250 Kelvin: warm white
- 3,250 to 5,250 Kelvin: neutral white
- 5,250 to 8,000 Kelvin: daylight white

- What does the color rendering index called RA or CRI?
The color rendering index indicates the degree of correspondence of the seen body color with its appearance under the respective reference light source. The smaller the deviation, the better the color rendering property. A light source with RA = 100 reproduces all colors very well. The lower the RA value, the less well the colors are rendered. In bathrooms and dressing rooms with mirrors, we generally recommend the use of luminaires and light sources with a high RA value of at least 90.

RA 70-80: medium color rendering
RA 80-90: good color reproduction
Ra 90-100 very good color reproduction

Variants of dimming



Casambi allows stepless dimming of the lights via smartphone, tablet or wireless hand-held transmitter without a complex and expensive building control. You can also switch freely definable lighting groups and generate lighting scenarios. Casambi automatically establishes a protected local Bluetooth network between all integrated luminaires. Thus, luminaires and predefined luminaire groups can also be controlled centrally in different rooms and on different levels via smartphone or tablet. Grouping of luminaires in the Casambi app is very simple. Grouping works in the same way as grouping apps on your smart device. After grouping, all lights in the group can be controlled together or the group can be opened for individual control.

> Scenes

Different lighting situations can be created for different occasions. It is possible to control multiple lights with the press of a button to create the perfect ambience for different occasions and needs. A luminaire can be used in several scenes.

> Animations

Animations are dynamic scenes where lighting can fade from one scene to another. Animations can be recalled to go through different lighting situations once, or they can be set at repetition. The duration of each scene and the fade times between the scenes can be set.

> Gallery

Casambi's unique gallery feature makes control more intuitive than ever. Users simply take photos of a room or upload a floor plan to the app and mark the positions of the lights. The images are then displayed in a gallery in the app with lights on, and users simply tap on the ones they want to control.

> Motion sensor

The Casambi lighting control system supports motion sensors and also overlaps motion sensor information. Motion sensors can be used to save energy and turn on the lights only when they are actually needed.

> Control hierarchy

The Casambi control hierarchy allows for collaboration between manual lighting controls (app, switches, and pushbuttons) and automated lighting controls (sensors and timers), allowing for various types of overrides and adapting the lighting control solution to fit all needs.

> Calendar and Timer

The Calendar and Timer feature allows scenes and animations to be turned on and off based on a suitable time, date, or days of the week to suit users' needs, seasons, and various activities. All Casambi units track the time.

> Gateway

Gateway functionality allows remote access to a Casambi network. It is possible to remotely control Casambi-enabled lights and change network settings. To enable the remote access feature, an iOS or Android device on the Casambi network must act as a gateway.