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5V power supply for starry sky
5V power supply for starry sky
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  • SW11030
LED light POINT LED light spot for beautiful lighting effects. Predestined for starry sky and... more


LED light spot for beautiful lighting effects. Predestined for starry sky and as a supplement to another main lighting. Applications: bars, restaurants, sauna, spa, baths, living rooms

Easy installation:
Each light spot is provided with a special plastic dowel consisting in the ceiling construction, e.g. is pressed in from a gypsum board or fiberboard. The light spot is then inserted only in this plug and is therefore easy to assemble and replace. The required hole is 11mm in diameter. The complete set includes the matching drill.

Each light point is supplied with a connection cable with l = 3m. On request we also supply longer cables. This cable is equipped with a socket on the one side, suitable for the light point and on the other side with open connections. Each complete set also comes with a manifold for easy installation with larger amounts of light spots.

Operation with 5V DC:
The light points are operated with 5V DC. The power supply has to be ordered separately. This is included in the complete sets.

Power consumption:
The light points are equipped with a very bright LED with only 0.15W power consumption. The power consumption is therefore minimal.

Light color:
The light points are all delivered in the light color cold white with 7000K. This fits best to a starry sky, as well as the natural starry sky has this light color.

Number of points of light:
Although everyone has a different taste and the size of the light of the light points varies from type to type, we recommend a number of about 4-6 light spots per square meter.

Required ceiling hole: 11mm
Installation depth: 35mm from the edge of the ceiling
Material: Swarovski glass, polished stainless steel

Technical data of the light spot:
1x LED Type SEOUL Semiconductor
Protection class: IP44
Light color: 7000K (cold white)
Power consumption: 0.15W
Typical life: 50,000h
Dimmable: no
Energy efficiency class: A ++ (spectrum A ++ to E)

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