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GLANCE ST curved

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  • SW10596
Floor lamp GLANCE curved The arched variant of floor and table lamp plays with space and... more

Floor lamp GLANCE curved

The arched variant of floor and table lamp plays with space and form. In an elegant swing, the lamp head is moved out of axis. Her line is cleverly modern, her attitude impeccable. No less convincing is the operating concept. Simple gestures of the hand switch and dim the light. GLANCE by Oligo is available as a table, floor and pendant lamp.

You can choose between the following colors:

> Swivel head, attachable in two positions
> Two LED boards can be switched separately, (uplight and / or downlight)
> Non-contact gesture control for switching and dimming
> Memory function, sleep-tight function
> Winner of the iF product design award 2014, interior innovation award 2014 / Selection, Focus Open 2014 in silver, iF Product Design Award 2014
> Supply 3m

Material: metal, acrylic glass

Technical specifications:
- Illuminant: LED
- Bulb included: yes
- Power of the LED: 24.5W
- Luminous flux: 1900lm
- Beam angle: diffuse
- Light color: 2700K (warm white)
- Color rendering index CRI:> 80
- Dimmable: yes - via gesture control

Order number of the manufacturer Oligo:
G44-883-20-21 Oligo GLANCE LED floor lamp curved, white matt finish
G44-883-20-51 Oligo GLANCE LED floor lamp curved, cashmere finish
G44-883-20-52 Oligo GLANCE LED floor lamp curved, viola finish
G44-883-20-50 Oligo GLANCE LED floor lamp curved, aquamarine finish
G44-883-21-45 Oligo GLANCE LED floor lamp curved, gray matt finish
G44-883-21-23 Oligo GLANCE LED floor lamp curved, black matt finish
G44-883-21-25 Oligo GLANCE LED floor lamp curved, red matt finish

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Useful information

A few information about the technical data

- What is luminous flux?
The luminous flux Φ - measured in lumens (lm) - is the light output of a light source. It describes the power emitted by the light source in all directions in the visible range. To get a rough idea of ​​what this value means, here are a few comparisons:

Candle: 12lm
230V halogen bulb with base GU10, 50W: 345lm
230V halogen bulb with base G9, 60W: 740lm
12V halogen bulb with socket GX5.3 (GU5.3), 35W: 450lm
12V halogen bulb with socket GX5.3 (GU5.3), 50W: 720lm
12V halogen bulb with base G4, 20W: 257lm
12V halogen bulb with base GY6.35, 50W: 840lm
230V halogen rod with base R7s, 100W: 1200lm

- What does color temperature mean?
Roughly speaking, the color temperature indicates how warm or cold especially white light is. The oneness is Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light gets. The light of a commercial light bulb here would correspond to about 2700K, a candle has about 1500K. The higher the Kelvin value becomes, the colder the blue becomes the light. Daylight is compared with about 7000K. A rough classification of the light color is:

- 2,700 to 3,250 Kelvin: warm white
- 3,250 to 5,250 Kelvin: neutral white
- 5,250 to 8,000 Kelvin: daylight white

- What does the color rendering index called RA or CRI?
The color rendering index indicates the degree of correspondence of the seen body color with its appearance under the respective reference light source. The smaller the deviation, the better the color rendering property. A light source with RA = 100 reproduces all colors very well. The lower the RA value, the less well the colors are rendered. In bathrooms and dressing rooms with mirrors, we generally recommend the use of luminaires and light sources with a high RA value of at least 90.

RA 70-80: medium color rendering
RA 80-90: good color reproduction
Ra 90-100 very good color reproduction

Variants of dimming

Function 01

A simple gesture - probably the most intuitive way to control light. Below the luminaire, a sensor reliably detects the direction of movement and the position of the hand. A gentle hand movement is enough to turn the light on and off. If the hand stays underneath the luminaire for a longer period, the dimming function is activated.

Function 02

The light of the GLANCE accompanies you on request when leaving the room or at bedtime. If the sleep-tight mode is activated, the light dims evenly after two minutes and then switches off completely.

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