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Curved track

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  • SW11364.1
Curved track Curved system track for 12V track system READY FOR TAKE OFF We offer the track... more

Curved track

Curved system track for 12V track system READY FOR TAKE OFF
We offer the track in two useful lengths: 840mm and 1340mm. The bending radius is determined by the customer, taking into account a minimum bending radius of 400mm.
Available surfaces: chrome matt, chrome
Dimensions: 17x8mm

In case of order we will send you a technical drawing according to your specifications for approval. As an example we would like to show you the following customer request:

Requirement: 230° circle segment with a radius of 950mm, ceiling distance 3cm.

The release drawing for this looks as follows:

The parts list for this circle segment:
3x 12-211-11-06 track bent 1340mm according to customer's request with r = 950mm
2x 12-403-10-05 track connector conductive for curved rail
3x 12-301-11-06 track support 30mm
2x 12-601-11-23 track end cap black
+ power supply, + transformer, + lights of your choice

Order numbers of the manufacturer Oligo:
12-211-10-05 track curved, l = 840mm, surface chrome
12-211-10-06 track curves, l = 840mm, surface chrome matt
12-211-11-05 track curved, l = 1340mm, surface chrome
12-211-11-06 track curved, l = 1340mm, surface chrome matt

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