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Wall lamp Full Moon

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Wall lamp Full Moon The Luci d'Oro model is based on reflections on the color of light: the... more

Wall lamp Full Moon

The Luci d'Oro model is based on reflections on the color of light: the golden light of the sun, of the fire; warm lights, in which the concept of the refraction of light in the head takes Enzo Catellani's form and later often produces other creations. Full Moon is a wall lamp that is available in the three surfaces of gold leaf, silver leaf and white. The dimensions make the luminaire appear as an object or piece of furniture even when switched off.

Manufacturer: Catellani & Smith
Manufacturer order number: Depending on the variant FM50 oder  FM80 
Material: aluminum shell, lamp arms nickel-plated
Diameter: Depending on the variant 50 or 80cm
Height: 15cm
Illuminant: LED, depending on variant 5 x 1W (for model with d = 50) or 10 x 1W (for models with d = 80cm)
Luminous flux: 500 or 1100lm, depending on the variant
Color rendering index CRI: 80
Bulbs interchangeable: yes, by manufacturer
Bulb included: yes
Power consumption per LED: 1W
Light color: 2700K (warm white)
Operating current of the LEDs: 350mA
Dimmable: yes
Images: Catellani & Smith, Wohlrabe Lighting Systems

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