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  • SW11506
Transformer Transformer optionally with a power of 7 or 20 watts. The junction box as well as... more


Transformer optionally with a power of 7 or 20 watts. The junction box as well as the enclosed filling resin ensure absolute tightness against dirt and water - this also guarantees the official protection class IP68. Installation is thus possible not only above ground, but also underground. The transformer may be a maximum of 40 meters from the last light stone. For larger installations where more power is required, we also supply correspondingly larger transformers on request.

To calculate the required transformer, proceed as follows:

Multiply the number of LEDs installed in the Light Stones by the wattage specified in the data sheet and by the number of planned Light Stones.

The basalt stone with the size 120 x 120 x 80mm is to be used. A particularly high brightness is not required, so the smaller LEDs are chosen. According to the data sheet, 2 LEDs are installed with 0.3W each. In a courtyard driveway, 16 of these light blocks are to be installed. This results in a total power of 2 x 0.3W x 16 = 9.6W --> The 20W transformer is to be selected.

Dimensions transformer box:
Version 7W: 93 x 93 x 62mm
Version 20W: 130 x 130 x 77mm

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