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ZIGBEE Power Supply Constant Voltage 24V / 50W

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  • SW11320
ZIGBEE Power Supply Constant Voltage 24V / 50W LED power supply with 24V output voltage. With... more

ZIGBEE Power Supply Constant Voltage 24V / 50W

LED power supply with 24V output voltage. With built-in PWM dimmer. Based on the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol. Works independently when connected to a push switch or wirelessly via TouchLink with a remote/switch. Supports TouchLink communication with Zigbee remotes and switches. Compatible with most smart home systems.

Compatible with: Philips Hue, Ikea, Homey, Alexa, SmartThings, futurehome.

- Dimmable LED driver based on ZigBee 3.0 protocol - Max. Output power 50 W total
- 1 channel 24V DC constant voltage output
- Class II power supply, fully insulated plastic housing
- High power factor and efficiency
- Low and smooth dimming to 0.1%, flicker free, no noise
- Suitable for indoor LED lighting applications
- Allows control of ON/OFF, light intensity of connected LED lights
- ZigBee terminal device that supports touchlink commissioning
- Can be directly paired with a compatible ZigBee remote control via Touchlink
- Supports find-and-bind mode to bind a ZigBee remote controller
- Supports Zigbee Green Power and can bind max. 20 Zigbee Green Power remotes
- Compatible with universal ZigBee gateway products
- Compatible with universal dimmable ZigBee remote controls
- Can be controlled with universal push switches

Simplest connection:

Technical data:
Input voltage: 200-240V AC
Output voltage: 24V DC
Maximum power: 50W
Dimensions: 32 x 50 x 210mm

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