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  • SW10340
Cable system light ELEMENT 14 A lamp for the YAYAHO cable system by Ingo Maurer. The silicone... more

Cable system light ELEMENT 14

A lamp for the YAYAHO cable system by Ingo Maurer. The silicone screen is suspended in the YaYaHo low-voltage lighting system with two counterweighted ropes. The two ropes with the counterweight allow the YaYaHo Element 14 to move horizontally and vertically on the ropes. The Element 14 is ideal for pleasant and glare-free table lighting.

Illuminant: Optionally halogen or LED, max. 50W, delivery incl. halogen 35W eco
Socket: 12V, GY6.35
Bulb included: Yes
Dimmable: Yes, depending on the selected bulb
Radiation behavior: Light directed downwards and slightly through the silicone screen

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