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Leaf unit "open" for FLAVIA
Leaf unit "open" for FLAVIA
€332.10 *
Leaf unit "closed" for FLAVIA
Leaf unit "closed" for FLAVIA
€341.10 *
Leaf unit "closed" for FLAVIA
Leaf unit "closed" for FLAVIA
€359.10 *
  • SW10635
Light object FLAVIA FLAVIA is a filigree LED light object with innovative design and unique... more

Light object FLAVIA

FLAVIA is a filigree LED light object with innovative design and unique lighting effect. It has a modular design and is available with up to five sheet units á two sheets. One sheet unit has a closed-prismatic light output of 400 lumens and a power consumption of 9.6 watts. This results in a light output of 2000 lumens for the largest light object with ten leaves. The ability to rotate the individual sheets by 180 ° opens up numerous alternatives for the user in terms of form and lighting design.
A combination of multiple light objects results in an almost infinite variety of combinations and it creates the appearance of a glowing leaf forest. In addition to the standard versions in the colors matt chrome, matt white and matt gray, further object-related color combinations are available on request. FLAVIA is suitable for the modern living room as well as for the demanding project. The versatility allows mounting in stair wells, bay windows or over tables and counters. OLIGO will gladly take over the individual planning for you.

In the construction variant, ceiling canopy and sheet units each correspond in color. The installation variant is always executed with white matt cover plate, the color specification in this case refers only to the final weight.

Please note: The price shown here initially refers only to the canopy, so the suspension of the lamp with power supply. Under the tab "Accessories" the desired sheet units with number have to be selected.

Material: metal, acrylic glass

Technical specifications:
Mains voltage FLAVIA: 120-250 V
Output voltage: 24 V DC
Canopy for 2-3 leaf units: max. 30W
Canopy for 4-5 blade units: max. 50W
Power of the LEDs per leaf unit consisting of 2 leafs: 10W
Luminous flux:
Leaf prismatic open: 150 lm per leaf
Leaf prismatic closed: 200 lm per leaf
Leaf Prismatic translucent: 100 lm per leaf
Dimmable: no
Color rendering: CRI> 85

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