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Casambi battery-free handheld transmitter Ipress with 4 functions

CASAMBI radio remote control

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  • SW11314
CASAMBI wireless handheld transmitter Ipress is a powerless and battery-free remote control... more

CASAMBI wireless handheld transmitter

Ipress is a powerless and battery-free remote control with four push buttons for the CASAMBI Bluetooth system.
Through the four push buttons up to four luminaires, groups, scenes or animations can be controlled. The luminaires only need to be equipped with a CASAMBI Bluetooth module, dimmer, or control gear. The energy of the print is sufficient for the Ipress to transmit the control and dimming signal via Bluetooth to the respective CASAMBI-enabled luminaires. This also makes the Ipress completely maintenance-free. Its small design makes it handy as well as ergonomic and ideal for a nightstand, coffee table or home office workstation.

Since the Ipress only emits a signal when one of the buttons is pressed, it is completely radiation-free when inactive and can therefore be used without hesitation in bedrooms or children's rooms. The black plastic housing of the Ipress is resistant and protects the inside reliably even in case of falls.

Note: the handheld transmitter requires an NFC-enabled smartphone during initial setup!

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Useful information

Bluetooth Low Energy

The Casambi solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, the state-of-the-art wireless technology and the only low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones, tablets and even smart watches, making it the only mainstream and future proof low power radio technology in the world.

On top of Bluetooth Low Energy, the Casambi technology provides a mesh network where all the intelligence of the system is replicated in every node and, in such a way, creates a system with no single points of failure.

Casambi solution

Such self-organizing wireless mesh network can control a large number of fixtures from any point. It also allows for firmware updates over the network, allowing any kind of changes to be made over-the-air. In this kind of fully distributed and symmetric architecture, any unit can go offline and catch up from others when they return back online.

The Casambi devices are smart on their own and only connected when needed. An Internet connection is not necessary for normal operation, it is just needed for user interface configurations to be sent or recalled from the cloud service.


Casambi allows people to control luminaires directly from their mobile device, using Bluetooth Low Energy, the cutting-edge communication technology that is built into every modern smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.

All the user needs to do is download the Casambi app to their iOS or Android device, and they're ready to control all their light fittings.

Casambi's app is designed to make it easy for anyone to commission and control lighting. The app employs intuitive gesture control: tap a luminaire to turn it on or off, swipe side-to-side to adjust brightness, up and down for colour temperature, or hold to change the colour. The unique gallery feature even lets users upload their own photos of a space, mark the positions of the luminaires, and use this to select and control them.

User Interfaces

Casambi offers a big variety of possibilities for a user to interact with the lighting depending on the user's individual requirements. The app for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches is the most elaborated user interface. Besides the app, traditional wall switches, push buttons, Casambi's own scene controllers and many other control points can be used.
Casambi collaborates with all the leading luminaire manufacturers.

For further informations please visit the website of www.casambi.com

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