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Wall-mounted transmitter with EnOcean technology for the 230V DUOLARE track system from Bruck

EnOcean radio wall transmitter

€89.00 *

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  • SW10420
EnOcean radio wall transmitter EnOcean radio wall transmitter for switching and dimming the... more

EnOcean radio wall transmitter

EnOcean radio wall transmitter for switching and dimming the two phases of the DUOLARE 230V track system from Bruck. The innovative EnOcean technology generates the transmission energy at the push of a button, which means that this wall-mounted transmitter needs no batteries.

For frame inside size 55 x 55mm.

Fits with switch program:
Berker: S.1, B.7, B.3, B.1
Elso: Joy
Gira: Standard 55, Event, E2
Wit: TX 44
Hager: Kallysto
Young: A500, AS500, A plus, Acreation
Merten: M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Plan, Atelier M

Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 15mm
Battery: Not necessary

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Useful information


EnOcean is a wireless and battery-free wireless technology that enables easy integration of sensors for lighting, sunshades, heating, etc. into building automation systems - from the single room to the whole building. The highly flexible and subsequently possible installation of the EnOcean technology makes it an innovative and energy-efficient solution for home automation. Their maintenance-free operation offers extraordinary comfort and helps to reduce costs.

Internationally distributed

EnOcean is a mature and internationally widespread radio technology optimized for intelligent building automation. This radio technology is based on the international standard ISO / IEC 14543-3-10 and has already been used in more than 250,000 buildings worldwide. This makes them one of the most widely used and future-proof radio technologies ever, allowing unlimited flexibility in planning.

The patented EnOcean wireless technology enables a far-reaching signal from very small amounts of ambient energy. With just 50 μWs, an EnOcean radio module produced as standard can transmit a signal over a distance of 300 m (in free field). The secret lies in the signal duration; the whole process is triggered, executed and completed in just 1 thousandth of a second. Via gateways the EnOcean radio communicates with all important wired bus systems such as KNX, LON, DALI, BACnet or TCP / IP.

High security during radio transmission

Reliable radio transmission within systems with many sensors: The ultra-short telegrams of the EnOcean radio modules ensure the operation of a large number of transmitters within the same transmission cell; the error rate caused by telegram collisions remains very low. Statistically, transmission reliability is still over 99.99%, even in the case of 100 wireless sensors, each transmitting their data once per minute. This means that even large office buildings or large industrial plants can be equipped with numerous EnOcean sensors, all of which work simultaneously.

Battery-less pushbuttons and sensors

The extremely low energy consumption of EnOcean allows a largely battery-free operation of the buttons and sensors. The required energy is generated from movement, the light (solar cell) or the heat (thermal transducer). The freedom from maintenance of EnOcean not only saves time and money, but is also particularly ecological.