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Light Stone Cristal

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Cable connector set
Cable connector set
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Earth rubber cable
Earth rubber cable
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  • SW11508
Light Stone Cristal Paving stone, natural stone look with impact protection, high power LED... more

Light Stone Cristal

Paving stone, natural stone look with impact protection, high power LED technology, approx. 0.3 or 1 Watt, 12V DC, trafficable (private driveway / pedestrian zone), impact resistant, light stabilized.

Available sizes
This Light Stone is available in the following sizes. The dimensions refer to the visible surface. Lateral impact protection +5mm:

Available performances
We deliver the Light Stones with LEDs in two power classes: For normal applications 0.3W LEDs are installed. Where special brightness is required, the 1W variants are recommended.

Number of installed LEDs
Size 50 x 60 x 50mm: 1x LED optional 0.3W or 1W
Size 60 x 70 x 55mm: 1x LED optional 0.3W or 1W
Size 70 x 80 x 70mm: 1x LED optional 0.3W or 1W
Size 95 x 95 x 60mm: 1x LED optional 0.3W or 1W
--> dimensions refer to luminaire body (visible surface), impact protection +5mm

Encapsulated LED
Our light blocks have a separately protected system with completely potted LED. This ensures extreme waterproofing in the IP68 range, making the light stone even more resistant to environmental wear and tear.

Quality assurance
A guarantee for a long-lasting function of our lightstones is only valid if the original Top Light accessories are used (transformer = voltage stable and connector = capillary action resistant). The use of accessories from other manufacturers will void any warranty.

Under the heading accessories we offer for the Light Stones ground cables, cable connectors and transformers

Instruction manual
Please also note our installation instructions (see under Download).

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 12V DC
Power: 0.3W or 1W
Luminous flux: 19lm (version 0.3W), 81lm (version 1W)
Light color 5300K
Protection class: IP68

The Light-Stone family:

Long burning time due to latest LED technology

  • 3 different systems: Basalt pavers, concrete pavers, granite pavers.
  • Different standard sizes: 6 basalt, 4 concrete, 4 granite sizes
  • Suitable for underground installation: Light Stone and high-quality installation material according to protection class IP 68 and IP 58 can be easily installed without special tools
  • Base body filled with mineral material, lateral impact protection: Light Stone can be laid in combination with other pavers
  • High visual and tactile appeal; basalt with natural stone-like topography and surface, concrete colors with highly resistant garnet coating, granite in natural look.
  • Due to rectangular formats with different edge lengths, good edging in the paving composite.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio due to many years of experience and innovation in the processing of synthetic resins in our own factory
  • Light stabilized and impact resistant
  • Special sizes and designs in piece numbers for object furnishings such as old town paving or industrial construction
  • Slip resistance class 3V (very high static friction coefficient, slip resistance angle over 35.1° with high dirt displacement space)
  • No radiation of UV light
  • Low temperature development at the illuminant
  • Can be laid over approx. 40 m without voltage loss,2-pole, 12V-DC, parallel connection

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