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Constant current dimmer 350mA, 500mA, 700mA

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  • SW11163
Dimmer for constant current LEDs Low voltage dimmer for dimming LEDs operated with constant... more

Dimmer for constant current LEDs

Low voltage dimmer for dimming LEDs operated with constant current. The dimmer has three connections on the board with clamping device:

- Input = operating voltage 9V...36V DC
- Output max. 32V (for version 350mA), 28V (for versions 500mA and 700mA) DC
- Connection for push button (not included)

1. push button short = channel on
2. push button = light becomes brighter
3. release push button = current brightness is saved
4. press button = light gets darker
5. release button = current brightness is saved
6. processes 2-5 are repeated
7. briefly confirm button = channel off

With memory function, i.e. the last setting remains stored when the power supply is switched off.

Protection functions

- LED Open-Circuit Protection: If there is an interruption in the load circuit, the device switches off.
- LED Short-Circuit Protection: In case of short-circuit in the load circuit, the current is limited to its set value
- Thermal Protection: If the permissible temperature of the circuit is exceeded, the device switches off.

Note: The maximum cable length at the push button should not exceed 1000mm.

Technical data:
Dimming type: current control 20mA up to the specified maximum value
Maximum output current: 350mA, 500mA or 700mA depending on the variant
Input voltage: 9...36V DC
Output voltage: max. 28V DC (max. 32V DC for 350mA variant)
Dimensions: 64 x 20 x 8mm
Cable cross section: 0,2 ... 0,75mm²

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