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  • SW11259
Magic switch The magic switch splits a circuit into two separately switchable circuits. I.e.... more

Magic switch

The magic switch splits a circuit into two separately switchable circuits. I.e. even if you have e.g. only one ceiling outlet you can switch on and off two lights separately with this module. This module is intended exclusively for lighting purposes.

The module can be used in all classic circuit variants such as off, alternating or cross circuits and in circuits with impulse relays. These circuits are hereby extended by the functionality of a series circuit, which allows independent operation of two lights or circuits.

With memory function i.e. the module remembers the last switching state after power failure. Can be used as a spare part e.g. for ESCALE, GROSSMAN or BANKAMP lights, where two separate switching functions are possible with only one light switch.

Function of the magic switch
Switching states Luminaire / circuit A Luminaire / circuit B
1. Normal power on ON OFF
2. Short off-on (<2s) OFF ON
3. Short off-on (<2s) ON ON
4. Short off-on (<2s) ON OFF


Technical data:
Operating voltage: 220-240V
Maximum load per output: 300W
Only to be used with high-voltage halogen or incandescent lamps, LED lamps with associated driver
Dimensions: (l x w x h) 81x 41 x 23mm

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