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Push Dimmer LD220 1-200W

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  • SW10668
Push Dimmer LD200 The LD200 is a push dimmer, which already works from one watts of load. The... more

Push Dimmer LD200

The LD200 is a push dimmer, which already works from one watts of load. The LD200 was developed for use with 230V LEDs, 230V halogen and incandescent lamps up to 200W, dimmable LED control gear and electronic transformers. The dimmer can be controlled with one or more commercially available pushbuttons.

Mode of operation: By briefly pressing the pushbutton: on / off; press longer = dim

This dimmer is suitable for:
> 230V LED
> 230V halogen
> Light bulbs
> dimmable LED driver
> electronic transformers

Technical specifications:
Wattage: 1 - 200W
Input voltage: 220 - 240V
Neutral wire required: yes
Staircase function: Yes
Setting options: Minimum dimming level
Protection mechanisms:
- overload
- overtemperature
- transients
- Short circuit
Smooth start
Memory function after power failure
Dimensions: d = 56mm, h = 22mm

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