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Litz thin, Aramid reinforced

€4.05 *
Content: 1 Per meter

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€12.70 *
  • SW10005
Litz thin, Aramid reinforced Tinned copper strand or called braid. Used for luminaire... more

Litz thin, Aramid reinforced

Tinned copper strand or called braid. Used for luminaire construction, as a spare part or for extending existing luminaires. Used in lights up to 50W power consumption. Very good, highly flexible tinned quality. Reinforced with non-visible, woven-in Aramide thread, which gives the strand a high tensile strength of 200N = 20Kg.

- Number of conductors: 1
- Conductor cross section: 0.75mm2
- Diameter: about 1.5mm
- Maximum voltage: 24V
- Maximum load: 50W
- Insulated outside: no

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