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Transformer of the ceiling lamp ILO ILU from Ingo Maurer company with built-in touch dimmer

Repair: ILO ILU Transformer

€229.00 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Delivery time 5-8 Workdays

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Transformer ILO ILU We hereby offer a repair or installation of a new transformer for the... more

Transformer ILO ILU

We hereby offer a repair or installation of a new transformer for the ceiling lamp ILO ILU from Ingo Maurer. Please note: The new transformer no longer offers the touch dimmer function! The new transformer is a 12V version and, unlike the original 24V touch dimmer, does not require 24V pin-base halogen bulbs but 12V pin-base halogen bulbs of type GY6.35, which are identical in construction to the 24V types.


In addition, we integrate a CASAMBI radio module into the housing, which can be controlled via Bluetooth.

The radio module can be controlled via the free CASAMBI app, which is available for iOS and Android devices in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, or with traditional wall switches, i.e. even without a corresponding tablet or cell phone. Of course, a handheld transmitter is also available on request for convenient control.
The wireless module forms a so-called mesh network with all other wireless modules that are in the same network, which exchanges information with each other. This means that each CASAMBI module also acts as a repeater, forwarding commands to other modules. This allows large ranges to be achieved inside buildings, even for outdoor applications.

But even without a tablet, remote control or cell phone, a CASAMBI wireless module can be dimmed using a conventional wall switch:

Dimming function using a conventional wall switch:

1. if you turn the light switch ON, the brightness goes to 100%.
2. if you switch OFF-ON for a short time, the brightness will slowly go from minimum to maximum.
3. if you quickly switch OFF again during this dimming process, the brightness remains at this level. This brightness level is then stored. 4.
4. if you switch OFF, and after a while switch ON again, the light will shine with this stored brightness level.
5. to select and store another brightness level, switch OFF-ON again for a short time, and the brightness level will slowly increase again from the minimum until you switch OFF-ON for a short time at another brightness level.
6. to select and save the brightness of 100%, just let the brightness run up to 100% without turning OFF-ON briefly.

For the exchange we need from you only the white ceiling transformer of the ILO ILU with the electronics and the two lateral suspension rods. Not the complete luminaire! For the conversion we use among other things the old circuit board of the transformer. So you will get a new electronics from us, installed in the housing you delivered. Please allow approx. 5 working days for the repair plus the normal package delivery times.

- Connection primary side: 230V / 50Hz
- Connection secondary side: 11,5V
- Maximum power: 50W
- Minimum load to be connected: 1W
- Suitable for operation with LEDs!
- Stepless brightness control
- Soft start

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