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Electronic transformer 0-105VA, dimmable. Suitable for both halogen and LED lamps

Electronic transformer 0-105VA, suitable for LEDs

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  • SW10743
Electronic transformer 0-105VA, suitable for LEDs Electronic transformer which, due to its... more

Electronic transformer 0-105VA, suitable for LEDs

Electronic transformer which, due to its design, is suitable for both LED and halogen lamps.

Constant voltage: 12V
Maximum power: 105W
Minimum power: 0W
Input voltage: 220 - 240V, AC
Dimmable: yes
Degree of protection: IP20
Short circuit protection: yes
Overload protection: yes
Overheating protection: yes
Dimensions: l x w x h = 115 x 45 x 28mm

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Useful information

A few information about the technical data

- What is a constant voltage converter

This type of converter keeps its output voltage constant at a value of, for example, 12V or 24V and, depending on the load connected, varies the output current up to its maximum technical value.

- How is the wiring of the LEDs to be connected to a constant-voltage converter

The LEDs to be connected are wired in parallel.

- Dimming

Dimmable contant voltage converters can be dimmed with trailing or leading edge dimmers. When selecting the dimmer, pay attention to the required minimum load of the dimmer.

- Minimum load of the converter

Some constant voltage converters require a minimum load. That the sum of the individual wattages of the LEDs to be connected must reach or exceed this value. Otherwise, a safe dimming operation is not guaranteed and there may be a flicker.